About Eyerusalem

Eyerusalem, the person behind the EYERÜ brand, slogan was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, she came to the U.S. at the age of 18 as a Diversity Visa Lottery Winner. 

While working as a model, Eyerusalem attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and took Accessory Design courses. She also has a degree in Public Affairs from Baruch College, she is passionate about social issues and has been involved in politics. She has done internships at the New York State Assembly and as well as at the New York City Council. Her recent work experience was at a PR firm on Wall Street. She is a model, an entrepreneur, and a social activist. 

EYERÜ is the first five letters of Eyerusalem's name, she has been using it as her brand name for her handbag line. The idea to break down the word to EyeRü as in I Am You was inspired after meeting so many people from different racial backgrounds and cultures in New York City and realizing, although we are different from one another within the racial categories and cultures, underneath that when we look deeper we can see that we share so many similarities, want similar things out of life. Peace. Love. Happiness. 


Eyerusalem wants to bring this idea to a global platform so we all can have a discussion focusing on our similarities while embracing our differences in order to create a harmonious society.